Why the Velvet Zebra? Frankly because The Velour Giraffe was harder to spell.

We are two sisters who have a thing for metal rings, and putting them together to make things.

And cats.

We have a thing for cats but they aren’t for sale, only the things we make with the rings.

What are those things? Jewelry, Art, Clothing-That-Is-Art (think LARPing, Cosplay, Fantasy photo shoots)

For 15+ years we have been honing our craft in the Chainmaille business, making jewelry, wall hangings, three-dimensional artwork, clothing and more, using Anodized Aluminum rings. We work in Anodized Aluminum for the wide range of colors that do not fade or rub off, and the incredible lightness of the finished products.

We know what you’re thinking “Good gosh, where can I buy this stuff?” While we do sell our products at Summer Art shows around Western Washington, we’re online 24/7/365. You can shop our Featured item right here, or go to our full online store (we accept all forms of credit and debit) and shipping inside the US is free.

Are you a store or gallery owner? Our Chainmaille has been in galleries in Poulsbo WA and Pagosa Springs CO. We are always open to discuss our Whilesale or Gallery prices, just send us an email if you are interested.

So hang out for a while and explore. Here you can browse our inventory, check out our Featured Item of the Month, visit our many social channels, see if we’ve posted a witty or helpful Articles lately, or just drool over our latest photoshoot. But most importantly buy something pretty for yourself or someone you love.

Or like pretty well.

Or owe something to.

Stand out from the herd, with chainmaille from The Velvet Zebra
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